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Wellness at Babcock Ranch

Can a town make you healthier? At Babcock Ranch, we believe in giving our residents every opportunity to support their wellness through physical activities and fun fitness events, as well as numerous amenities to make exercise fun.

Healthy Life Center

Lee Health’s health and wellness—and lifestyle—facility in Founder’s Square offers residents of Babcock Ranch and surrounding communities a vast array of modern, convenient health services and programs that align with the Babcock Ranch vision for wellness and sustainable living.


Fitness: Stay fit with the state-of-the-art equipment, workout classes, basketball/pickleball courts, and lap pool.

Mind and Body: Pilates, hypnotherapy, brain boosters, and massages will break through barriers and nourish your spirit.

Education: Discover essential ways to prevent chronic conditions, enrich your nutrition knowledge, and uncover truths about hot new trends.

Rehabilitation: Physical therapists provide relief for all kinds of injuries and conditions.

Medical Care: Find a primary care doctor through Lee Physician Group: Check-ups, screenings, treatment for illness, and disease management – everything families need to stay healthy.

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Fitness Classes

At Babcock Ranch, we’re equipping residents and guests alike to improve their overall health and well-being. From pilates to group fitness classes and personal training, we have many fitness activities to choose from for any member of the family.