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Charter School & Education

Education at Babcock Ranch

Situated on 18,000 acres, adjacent to an extensive wilderness preserve, Babcock Ranch features hiking and biking paths, greenways and lakes, all ready to serve as the ultimate experiential learning classroom for Babcock Neighborhood School (BNS) and Babcock Highschool (BHS). The Babcock Ranch community, focused on clean renewable energy strategies, including Florida Green Building Coalition certified buildings and 75 MW solar farm, offers a lesson in eco-stewardship for students. As students collaborate with business owners, learn about health and wellness, and gain a first hand understanding of the farm-to-table movement, they will discover that their contributions have value to the entire town of Babcock Ranch.

Babcock Neighborhood School & Babcock High School

BNS & BHS offer a project-based environmentally focused “greenSTEAM” educational program that integrates science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics within a thoughtfully provided holistic learning environment.

Bloom Academy

Bloom Academy is a pre-kindergarten school serving ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our schools are led by former teachers and those with extensive childhood experience. All our programs are designed to teach social skills and early education in an amazing setting and safe environment.

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Kids Sporting Camps

We believe that a healthy lifestyle begins at a young age. To benefit our kids’ education both in and out of the classroom, we host sporting camps for kids right here at the Ranch. Events such as summer soccer camp, basketball camp and fall flag football camp are co-ed, grades K-6, and fun is included!