Syd's Vision

The Vision of Babcock Ranch

In 2005 Syd Kitson, Chairman & CEO Kitson & Partners set out to prove that smart growth and preservation could work hand in hand.

A year later, he made good on the preservation side of the equation. The 73,000 acres sold to the state for creation of the Babcock Ranch Preserve remains the largest preservation land purchase in Florida history. The new town approved for the 18,000 acres retained by Kitson was envisioned to be the perfect neighbor for the preserve: an innovative community with sustainability woven right into the infrastructure.

Building a new town from the ground up is no small feat. It takes collaboration, creativity and an intense focus on details. The eight core initiatives detailed below guide every planning decision as the vision for Babcock Ranch becomes reality.

A Love Affair with the Land

Responsible development starts with the land. Those who know Babcock Ranch have a fierce passion for its preservation and ultimate build-out. With 50% of the town’s footprint set aside for green spaces, nestled adjacent to the 73,000 acre Babcock Ranch Preserve, those living, working in, and visiting Babcock Ranch will have an unparalleled community amenity right outside their front door.

Through stewardship, sustainability, preservation and restoration, Babcock Ranch provides extraordinary connections to the natural environment. Key design and development strategies that support this initiative include: solar energy, water efficiency, native plants and materials, sustainable local materials, tree preservation and relocation, and Florida Green Building standards.

babcock ranch sustainability

Powered by the Sun

Babcock Ranch partnered with Florida & Light (FPL) to ensure that the net production of clean, renewable energy at Babcock Ranch exceeds the total amount the town will consume.

Babcock Ranch donated 440 acres of land for the 75 mw solar facility – but it is owned and operated by FPL. Residents are billed for the energy they use at the same rates as any other FPL customer. Savings come via the energy efficiency of homes that don’t need as much power to operate.

Florida Power and Light

solar panel vision

energy vision
solar power

Lifelong Learning

With nature on all sides and imagination at every turn, Babcock Ranch provides unlimited opportunities for personal growth.

From early childhood to on-site college courses we’re focused on delivering best—in-class education for every stage of life. Our first school will be open for classes in August 2017. Located on Founder’s Square, Babcock Neighborhood School Babcock Neighborhood School features place-based, student-centered education built on active learning, collaboration and community.

Lifelong learning at Babcock Ranch extends far beyond the classroom. From engaging weekly activities and classes at the wellness center focused on health, fitness and nutrition to the collaborative workspace at The Hatchery – Babcock Ranch is a place that promotes creative thinking, personal reinvention and energized discourse.

Babcock Neighborhood School rendering

students learning

The Right Path to Healthy Florida Living

There are seven essential strategies included in our health initiative: land, social, education, spiritual, nutrition, fitness, and economic. Using these strategies, we’re creating an environmental and purposeful infrastructure of life that sets Babcock Ranch apart – not only in Florida, but the world.

bike ride babcock

healthy babcock

Transportation Alternatives and Innovation

Walkability, bikeability, transportation alternatives, and independence through thoughtful trail, sidewalk, and roadway designs are a few of the strategies we have in place to support our transportation initiative. This initiative is activated through our own Babcock Ranch bikes, electric and autonomous vehicles, and car/bike sharing programs that further life and experiences at Babcock Ranch.

autonomous vehicles

Babcock entrance
rendering of people riding

Fiber in Every Home

With extraordinary speeds, mobile apps, and community-wide access to free WiFi, Babcock Ranch is truly a city built on technology. We have made a conscious decision to use information technology to transform life at Babcock Ranch and become the first master-planned, greenfield “smart city” with global network access points.

Additionally, through our CenturyLink partnership, gigabit internet is standard to every home, allowing our residents to connect faster than ever before. Our internet speeds allow you to stream multiple HD movies at once, download pictures in seconds, or play the latest video games – all at once.

Fiber Internet

The Hatchery Meeting
technology group

Focused on Making Life Fun

Vibrant, engaging, and interactive community places, gathering spaces ,nature trails, roadways, and waterways will create experiences that will make you want to stay longer and spend more time – a place you will never want to leave.

Founder’s Square is the hub of activities and events. With Table & Tap already open and much more on the way, we’re offering a broad variety of entertaining activities that people of all ages will enjoy.


fishing in babcock ranch
kids having fun

Storm Safety

Our storm safety initiative includes our physical location above the storm surge area, buildings that meet ‘shelter in place’ requirements and neighborhood components anchored in place such as park benches, trash and recycling containers.

From building construction and orientation to street design, Babcock Ranch is designed to better withstand the ever-changing weather patterns Florida brings. Homes and businesses are required to include both aesthetic and operable storm shutters or impact glass as well as increased wind speed construction standards that are 20mph over the current Florida Building code.

survival kit

storm shutters
palm trees blowing in wind