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A different approach to Town Making. A place that values connection, engaging with nature, and innovation.


Imagine living in a place where neighbors are really neighbors, where the front porch next door is as familiar as your own, and shopkeepers know you by name and greet you with a smile. Imagine a place powered by renewable solar energy where walking and biking are preferred over driving, a place with winding nature trails, locally grown food, expansive green spaces, and long lake views. Welcome to Babcock Ranch. This is a place where your commitment to lifelong learning and personal well-being, and your desire to be fully engaged with nature and every facet of life are shared and celebrated.

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The social fabric at Babcock Ranch is imbued with a desire to learn, to inspire, and to fulfill unique personal visions and aspirations. Babcock is a haven for talented, educated, curious, and creative people. For the majority, the most appropriate question is not “Why?” Instead, it is “Why not?” They are well-read, environmentally mindful, prone to openness, and the pursuit of personal and digital connectivity. An exchange of ideas is welcomed.  For many, their insatiable curiosity is reflected in their entrepreneurial spirit, their commitment to volunteerism, and their personal sense of responsibility to the community.

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Downtown Babcock Ranch offers a rich environment for retailers and professionals. By design, downtown serves as the social, cultural, and economic hub of the community. Specialty shops, markets, restaurants, and galleries serve those who live throughout Babcock, as well as the professionals working in downtown’s office buildings, wellness center, and schools. While residents of the outlying villages and hamlets value and patronize downtown Babcock, they are also served by retailers, office space, and neighborhood centers of their own. This Town and Country approach to both lifestyle and commerce promotes job creation and a more intimate vendor/patron relationship that values loyalty and mutual support. Businesses and residents who work from home benefit from the tremendous bandwidth provided by a fully wired community that is at the forefront in its telecommunications capabilities and worldwide connectivity.

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A day at Babcock Ranch could look like this. Take the dog for an early morning walk. Share a moment with your neighbors on the neighborhood green. Ride your bike to town for your daily workout. Grab a cup to go at the coffee shop and savor a moment at downtown’s lakefront park. Stop by the produce market and bakery on the way home. Have lunch in town. Visit the gallery to see what’s new. Take a golden hour bike ride on Babcock’s nature trails. Enjoy a concert at the downtown park followed by fine dining at a lakefront eatery. Celebrate the moon rising over the lake. Enjoy the warmth of your backyard fire pit and the endless stars overhead. Fall asleep with a smile.

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Kitson & Partners’ vision for Babcock Ranch is best described by the totality of the place. Babcock Ranch is an eco-centric new town embedded in nature and powered by the sun, nature, and innovation. This is a place where a walkable/bikeable lifestyle, an engaging downtown with a familiar Main Street vibe, and architectural designs rooted in regional styles and traditions encourage the joy of human connection that time has somehow forgotten. The people here value shared experiences, a deep connection with the land, and extraordinary moments with nature, just as they value that Babcock supports their personal well-being and desire for lifelong learning.

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Kitson & Partners’ innovative approach to Town Making is found throughout Babcock Ranch. At a time when social isolation is the norm, Babcock Ranch is about people connecting with people, sharing experiences, being outdoors, and enjoying a walkable and bikeable lifestyle. Through a partnership with Florida Power & Light, Babcock’s homes and businesses will be powered by renewable solar energy, a step that has solidified Kitson’s position as an innovative steward of the environment. The town will meet Florida Green Building Certified Homes and Community standards and strive to build Net Zero Homes and Buildings. Babcock will be the first master-planned, green field “smart city” with global network access points that allow instantaneous worldwide connectivity. A transportation alternatives initiative will be supported through the community’s own Babcock Ranch bikes, electric and autonomous vehicles, and car and bike sharing programs.


The term sustainability is often associated with the environment and the conservation of natural resources. At Babcock Ranch, our commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in our partnership with Florida Power & Light to create a one-of-a-kind town that is solar powered. An on-property solar panel farm, 75-megawatt power generation plant, and distribution network will deliver solar power to the community’s homes and businesses.

We believe that sustainability at Babcock Ranch extends beyond eco-sensitivities. We believe the degree to which our town is “able to last or continue for a long time” will be a function of the joy its residents take in living there. That joy is the foundation of a Social Sustainability that provides a context for the fulfillment of personal and collective aspirations. For us, the creation of a socially sustainable place is the essence of Town Making.

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Babcock Ranch’s timeless regional architectural styles conjure a pleasing sense of familiarity. The Babcock style is derived from the various styles found in pre-World War II neighborhoods in Fort Myers, Naples, and throughout Southwest Florida. Deep, open porches characteristic of these regional styles typically run the length of the front facade and sometimes wrap around one or both sides of the house, giving the homes their characteristic look while providing shade and allowing cool breezes to flow freely through the structure. At Babcock Ranch, these timeless, regional design principles are applied to each of the town’s residential architectural styles – Craftsman, Farmhouse, Coastal Gulf Vernacular, Spanish, and Colonial/West Indies. Grouped around Babcock Ranch’s hallmark shared parks and attractive streetscapes, the homes and their deep porches will be positioned tighter to the street and encourage the social interaction and connectivity that are Babcock’s hallmark.

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