Technology at Babcock Ranch

With extraordinary speeds, mobile apps, and community-wide access to free WiFi, Babcock Ranch is truly a city built on technology. Through Babcock Ranch’s CenturyLink partnership, gigabit internet is standard to every home, allowing our residents to connect faster than ever before.

1 Gigabit Fiber Optic Internet

Our internet speeds allow you to stream multiple HD movies at once, download pictures in seconds, or play the latest video games – all at once. At Babcock Ranch it just takes less time.

Sustainable Technology

At Babcock Ranch, we’ve built sustainability right into the infrastructure. For residents, that adds up to a greener way of life that is affordable, and effortless.

Solar Energy

Energy efficiency and renewable energy production are key to achieving our goal of making Babcock Ranch the most sustainable town in Florida. By donating 440 acres of land and partnering with FPL to do renewable energy at a utility scale we’ve empowered homeowners to minimize their environmental footprint – with no additional cost. Babcock Ranch’s clean energy efforts were taken to the next level when FPL created the largest solar-plus-storage system operating in the U.S. today.

Energy-Efficient Construction

Our eco-centric new town is raising the bar on responsible development with residential and community-wide standards. All homes at Babcock Ranch must receive a Bronze Standard of Certification or higher from the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Self-Driving Vehicles

This community is being planned as a greenfield community with low speed, automated, electric shared mobility vehicles available for use by its residents and businesses. Babcock Ranch is in the process of engaging automated vehicle and shared mobility companies and organizations to become Babcock Ranch strategic partners.

Solar Trees

Solar trees are an innovative combination of technology, functionality, and art. Solar trees at Founders Square and other neighborhood parks are a focal point for solar energy education, while also serving as charging stations for residents to power up their handheld devices.

The Hatchery

The Hatchery is a co-working space in the new town of Babcock Ranch, Florida.  It’s a collaborative working environment and community dedicated to supporting and encouraging our members to find purpose, further develop passions, and achieve career goals.


Monday – Friday
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