What are we doing for the environment?

At Babcock Ranch, we’ve built sustainability right into the infrastructure. For residents, that adds up to a greener way of life that is affordable, and effortless.


Land Planning

Responsible development started with the land. The Babcock Ranch site plan puts the new town on previously impacted pasture, farm and rock-mined land. If you peel away the master plan at Babcock – what you see is all the areas cleared for pastures and farmlands underneath the planned development, nestled among the areas that will remain forested.


Water Conscious

To conserve water, Babcock Ranch’s landscaping guidelines limit turf coverage to 30% of residential lots and require homeowners to use native, low impact trees and shrubs for 75% of their landscaping. All irrigation throughout the community will use reclaimed or “grey water” from the onsite water and wastewater utility. For managing storm water and runoff – we follow nature’s example. First, we let the land and natural systems dictate the footprint of development. Then, we restored several flow-ways that had been altered over the years back to their original locations. With a holistic approach that includes “rain gardens” created to mirror the filtering qualities of natural marshlands, we’re both reducing the quantity and improving the quality of water flowing on to our neighbors.


Solar Energy

Energy efficiency and renewable energy production are key to achieving our goal of making Babcock Ranch the most sustainable town in Florida. By donating 440 acres of land and partnering with FPL to do renewable energy at a utility scale we’ve empowered homeowners to minimize their environmental footprint – with no additional cost.

Solar Panels


Energy Efficient Building Standards

Our eco-centric new town is raising the bar on responsible development with residential and community-wide standards. All homes at Babcock Ranch must receive a Bronze Standard of Certification or higher from the Florida Green Building Coalition.

Local Materials

Use of resources available right on the property is another part of the sustainability story. On-site mining operations has provided fill and road aggregate. On-site farming will deliver produce – and provide space for community farming plots where residents can grow their own. And sod is available from our community sod farm.

Sod and cattle farm

Community Gardens

The farm-to-table movement is not unfamiliar territory for Babcock Ranch. Many of our ingredients are locally sourced and we’ll allow our residents to have their own locally sourced food with our community gardens. Each neighborhood will have community gardens for residents to begin their own farm-to-table movement.

Community Garden

Self-Driving Vehicles

Transportation Alternatives

At Babcock Ranch we’re making it easier than ever to leave your car at home. Starting with the very design and layout of Babcock Ranch, we’ve put shopping, schools, services within easy reach via a network of expansive trails for walking and biking. Our innovative internal transportation embraces advanced and developing technologies to provide environmentally-friendly ways to get around town that are more convenient and affordable than driving your own car. In addition to electric-powered, self-driving shuttles running along set routes, Babcock Ranch is an early implementation site for on-demand self-driving cars that you can schedule with an app on your smart phone.

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