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The First Solar Powered
Town in America

About Solar Energy In Babcock Ranch

Production of solar energy at a utility scale is a key part of our sustainability commitment. We partnered with Florida Power & Light (FPL) to ensure that the net production of clean, renewable energy at Babcock Ranch exceeds the total amount the town will consume. Babcock Ranch donated the land for the two solar facilities – owned and operated by FPL. Residents are billed for the energy they use at the same rates as any other FPL customer. However, homes achieve energy savings through established and reliable building technologies that don’t require as much power to operate.

Solar Trees

Solar trees are an innovative combination of technology, functionality, and art. Solar trees at Founder’s Square and other neighborhood parks are a focal point for solar energy education, while also serving as charging stations for residents to power up their handheld devices.

Solar "Micro-Communities"

Solar panels installed on the roofs of commercial buildings at Founder’s Square are the first of several “micro-communities” that will expand FPL’s solar generating capacity at Babcock Ranch as the town grows.

Solar Field

The FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center and FPL Babcock Preserve Solar Energy Center are located slightly north on the Babcock Ranch property on 870 acres of land. Each one is capable of generating 75 MW of clean energy, for a combined total of 150 MW capacity and 650,000 solar panels.  The FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center and FPL Babcock Preserve Solar Energy Center provide power to the entire town of Babcock and surrounding areas.

Introduction of Battery Storage

Babcock Ranch’s clean energy efforts were taken to the next level when FPL created the largest solar-plus-storage system operating in the U.S. today. Each of the ten large gray steel battery storage units at the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center can store 1 megawatt of power and discharge for 4 hours. The new battery storage system ensures a steady output of power even on partly cloudy days.

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How It Works

During the day – since electric power always flows from the nearest source of generation- the electricity generated at the FPL Babcock Ranch Solar Energy Center and the FPL Babcock Preserve Solar Energy Center flows to the FPL substation located next to our water and wastewater utility, and then to the town. Any extra energy generated by the solar plant continues to flow to the grid to serve other FPL customers. When the sun goes down, the battery storage kicks in to supply uninterrupted power.

Homeowners seeking to further reduce their monthly utility bills and environmental footprint can add their own rooftop solar.

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