The Vision

Babcock Ranch is an eco-centric new town embedded in nature and powered by the sun, by innovation, and by the great outdoors. It is a place to live with purpose, passion, and energy, a place that inspires individuals and families to create their futures in their own way.

Working Together Harmoniously

Babcock Ranch is a place where the land, architectural styles, and the town itself will work together harmoniously to create a place where neighbors are neighbors again. Learn more about the unique vision of Babcock Ranch below.

"Civitas" at Babcock

Our new town was born out of Kitson & Partners’ desire to create something from the beginning, a green field that was different, that was better, that was steeped in sustainability, that respected the land and proved that you can do that and still be a great developer and create great places. Babcock Ranch is a place where the land, the architectural styles, and the town itself will work together harmoniously.

At Babcock Ranch, we believe in the importance of Civitas – a basic hometown pride and a calling to participate and belong. Civitas is the foundation that unites the people of our new town and is defined by the pride we take in this place where we live, learn, work, and play. We each take joy in our town and contribute to the expanding story of Babcock. As we do so, we celebrate the individual and collective memories, achievements, and milestones that are the rich stuff of life.

The Fabric of Our New Town

While Babcock Ranch is the first solar powered town in the country, our town is far more than a place offering renewable, sustainable energy. It is a place that offers renewed personal energy and a platform for sustained personal growth, a place that provides a context that supports and encourages the expansion of personal visions and aspirations. We believe that as we individually expand, we all expand, and our town becomes more open, more diverse, more connected, and more socially sustainable.

The fabric of our new town is based on how we relate to one another, our surroundings, and the feeling that comes from being part of something. Our vision of social sustainability at Babcock Ranch is grounded in its architecture that encourages neighbors to interact, in its choice of Town and Country lifestyles that allow people to enjoy life on their own terms, in its walkability and bikeability, in its commitment to innovation and the conservation and preservation of natural resources, and, perhaps most importantly, in its landscape that offers each of us the possibility of enjoying an unshakeable connection with nature on a daily basis.