At Babcock Ranch, we believe that true sustainability embraces a commitment to conserving, preserving natural resources, creating a context for personal growth, and the fulfillment of personal dreams and aspirations.

What are we doing for the environment?

Green ways


Green ways


Green ways


Green ways


Green ways


Green ways


Over 80% of Babcock Land will remain a preserve

Babcock Ranch is not untouched land, but is rooted in preservation. It is the result of more than a hundred years of careful tending by the Babcock family. More than 90% of development is built upon already impacted pasture, farm and rock-mined land. Ranch business operations funded generations of stewardship activities to maintain the excellent condition of the property and provide a habitat for the ranch’s abundant wildlife.

5,493 More Trees Will be Added

Our environmentally friendly design sprang from the ground up. We started with a thorough understanding of the natural systems, locating development areas where they would have the least impact. Green infrastructure has been the overriding theme in all planning decisions – resulting in a town that is in harmony with its surroundings. Having shaded pathways, rest areas, tree-lined streets, and shaded structures; the Ranch will boast of having 75% of its trees be natives.

Water Irrigation

Environmental investments at Babcock Ranch over the past decade are delivering impressive results. The benefits are most visibility evident in the area around Curry Lake, where natural surface water flows had been significantly altered over the years to accommodate farming and ranching activities. Three weirs aimed at rehydrating about 70 acres are now retaining water that was previously drained off through the ranch’s system of ditches.

Solar Energy

The world’s first solar town will utilize on-site, state of the art solar generation facilities to produce more clean, renewable energy which will supply the town. Powered by the sun, with a photovoltaic solar plant generating more energy than the town consumes, it will supply the broader region – with clean, renewable, integrated power through a collaboration with Florida Power & Light, an investor-owned, publicly regulated utility.

Energy Efficient Architecture

Babcock Ranch is an innovative, sustainable master planned new town development in southwest Florida. The eco-centric, solarpowered town comprises expansive residential and commercial spaces, as well as lush greenways, parks and lakes. Driven by a deep appreciation for nature, connectivity and town, Babcock Ranch will offer residents a highly unique balance of technologically advanced and efficient amenities, which will optimize efficiency and lower utility costs for both residents and businesses.

Community Gardens

The rebound of the ecosystem has been remarkable. Almost immediately, native vegetation began reclaiming the territory. Restoration of natural conditions restored their advantage over the invasive plants that benefited from drier soil. Driven by a deep  appreciation for nature, Babcock Ranch will offer inspired and unique experiences with the great outdoors.

Autonomous Vehicles

Being powered mostly by solar energy, Babcock Ranch takes advantage of Florida’s driverless car-friendly legislation to make it a test ground for autonomous vehicles. This community is being planned as a greenfield community with low speed, automated, electric shared mobility vehicles available for use by its residents and businesses. An advanced public and private transportation system of shared, driverless vehicles is expected to be the backbone for moving people and goods about in Babcock Ranch.

Fiber Optic Internet

Kitson & Partners commissioned the consulting firm Magellan Advisors to create a technology and communications master plan for the new community. Magellan outlined a comprehensive fiber and wireless network and recommended the adoption of a technology architecture that is as open as possible. Installing a fiber optic network with 1-gigabyte-per-second bandwidth would keep residents connected with fast and powerful enough online speeds to make it practical to run numerous household or business applications and appliances.

Sod & Cattle Farming Will Continue

A regional wildlife connectivity study – identifying strategies to create permanent wildlife corridors connecting parks and natural lands throughout southwest Florida, with Babcock Ranch serving as a central nexus. Cattle ranching and sod farming will continue for as long as 10 years under the Kitson management. While the management of the preserve is being handed to the state, Babcock cattle hands will work on 18,000 acres of land owned by the town to preserve traditional use of the land.