We believe architecture is about more than just shapes and style. It helps our neighbors connect and provides a sense of belonging.

What Will The Town Be Like?

Babcock Ranch will be a place where a choice of Town and Country residences will invite people to rediscover the real meaning of neighborhoods, where downtown is more than a place to shop or dine, and where the notion of walking, riding a bike, and enjoying a conversation on the green is the norm rather than the exception. This is a place where timeless architectural styles invite interaction and conjure recollections of a time when life was uncomplicated and enjoyed.

The Residences

Babcock Ranch is a place that reflects a decidedly different approach to Town Making. The residences in the town’s neighborhoods will present timeless architectural designs that encourage social interaction and a strong sense of community. The Craftsman, Farmhouse, Coastal Gulf Vernacular, Spanish, and Colonial/West Indies architectural styles, each sourced in the pre-World War II Southwest Florida regional styles, will convey a familiar, comforting look and feel that recalls a simpler time when neighbors knew and cared about one another. Deep front porches positioned close to the sidewalks and streets will encourage conversations with passersby as well as invitations to neighbors to come sit and chat for a spell. Babcock’s neighborhoods will be places where the neighbor’s front porch is familiar as your own, where detached garages accessed by broad alleyways are typically situated behind the home to avoid dominating the streetscape, and where expansive green spaces serve as anchors for the neighborhood.

Fashioned with sustainable design principles and built to Florida Green Building Council requirements, Babcock’s Town and Country homes will present efficient designs and systems along with low impact landscaping that promotes water conservation and the use of solar energy. Simple detailing, shutters, overhangs, and design appropriate windows will foster design efficiencies that will contribute to a look that is elegant in its simplicity and comforting to the body and soul.

Downtown Babcock Ranch

Downtown Babcock Ranch is the heart and soul of the town and designed to foster the personal connection, personal well-being, and lifelong learning opportunities that are the core of the community’s way of life. Intermingled with a pleasing mix of single-family and multi-family residences, this is a place from a bygone era where the pace is relaxed, where people call one another by name, and where a lakefront green space invites leisurely social interaction. Places of learning and exploration, a wellness center, restaurants, specialty retail shops, a locally grown produce market, and indoor and outdoor gathering places will hold a magnetic appeal for walkers, bikers, and those being transported by autonomous vehicles. The setting will convey a comforting Main Street ambiance and invite the town’s residents to come as they are and enjoy all that downtown offers.