Technology and Quality of Life

Human longevity presents one of the most compelling links between technology and quality of life. According to the Social Security Administration, life expectancy at birth in 1930 was 58 for men and 62 for women. Today, a man reaching age 65 can expect to live on average until age 84.3 and a woman to age […]

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Downtown Babcock Ranch Will Be Open for Business in Early 2017

Downtown Babcock Ranch will be the heart and soul of the town designed to foster the personal connection, personal well-being and lifelong learning opportunities that are the core of the town’s way of life. Places of learning and exploration, a wellness center, restaurants, specialty retail shops, a locally grown produce market, and indoor and outdoor […]

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What is Civitas?

Time to brush the dust off your high school Latin textbooks. Civitas has its roots in Roman history but the Latin term has found renewed meaning in Babcock Ranch, the solar city under development in Southwest Florida. In ancient Rome, Civitas meant citizenship. The right of Civitas granted citizens the ability to govern themselves, according […]

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The Information Center For Babcock Ranch: Announcing Woodlea Hall

We are very excited to announce the construction of Woodlea Hall, our first civic building and home to our future town’s information center and Kitson & Partners’ development offices. Woodlea Hall is scheduled to be completed by February 1, 2017. Woodlea Hall Design The foundation and in-ground utilities at the 9,191 square feet two-story building […]

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