Babcock Ranch One of the “Best of the Best” Eco-Friendly Communities by ideal-LIVING Magazine

Wilmington, NC – ideal-LIVING magazine announces the 2nd Annual “The Best of the Best” in towns and residential communities in its Summer 2017 edition. These awards will also be posted at “Given the very positive response last year to our first ‘Best of the Best‘ feature,” said ideal-LIVING Editor and Associate Publisher Kelly Godbey, […]

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Technology and Quality of Life

Human longevity presents one of the most compelling links between technology and quality of life. According to the Social Security Administration, life expectancy at birth in 1930 was 58 for men and 62 for women. Today, a man reaching age 65 can expect to live on average until age 84.3 and a woman to age […]

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What is a Sustainable City?

Most people may not know the definition of a sustainable town, but they might recognize one when they see it. Perhaps they notice the tidy streets, residents walking their dogs and chatting with neighbors in the evening or the birds chirping in the parks while children play on the swings. Or maybe they see it […]

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What You Need to Know About Relocating to Florida

You’re going to love relocating to Florida. If you come from a high-tax state such as Connecticut, Illinois or New York, you probably will be happy to know that there’s no state income tax in Florida. Plus, you’ll love the year-round sunshine and warm weather at Florida’s newest eco-friendly community, Babcock Ranch. Here’s what you […]

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Downtown Babcock Ranch Will Be Open for Business in Early 2017

Downtown Babcock Ranch will be the heart and soul of the town designed to foster the personal connection, personal well-being and lifelong learning opportunities that are the core of the town’s way of life. Places of learning and exploration, a wellness center, restaurants, specialty retail shops, a locally grown produce market, and indoor and outdoor […]

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Downtown Babcock Ranch

Founders Square: The Home of Downtown Babcock Ranch

Construction is well underway at Babcock Ranch. Our model homes are set for completion in late February/early March and Downtown Babcock Ranch (officially named Founder’s Square) will be open to the public soon! The band shell that will host concerts for those gathered on an inviting green has been completed. On the opposite side of […]

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Babcock Ranch: A Birding Paradise

When you move to Babcock Ranch, get your binoculars and long camera lenses ready to meet many of your nesting neighbors. Surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness, Babcock Ranch is home to a stunning variety of resident and migratory birds. Don’t be surprised to see spotted peregrine falcons, bald eagles, wood storks, wild turkeys, […]

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The Unique Combination of Town and Country

City people and country people – each group has their own reasons why they love where they live. Whether you’re living in the middle of Downtown Fort Myers where shops, restaurants, and other things to do in a brief walk or in rural Buckingham where the closest gas station is at least a 10-minute drive, […]

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The Information Center For Babcock Ranch: Announcing Woodlea Hall

We are very excited to announce the construction of Woodlea Hall, our first civic building and home to our future town’s information center and Kitson & Partners’ development offices. Woodlea Hall is scheduled to be completed by February 1, 2017. Woodlea Hall Design The foundation and in-ground utilities at the 9,191 square feet two-story building […]

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