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Lee Health Ribbon Cutting and Open House
Dec 6

Lee Health Ribbon Cutting and Open House

  4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lee Health is hosting a ribbon cutting and open house of its new facility at Babcock Ranch. LPG’s family health clinic will provide a convenient place for residents of Babcock Ranch and the surrounding Charlotte and Lee County communities to make routine doctor appointments and receive their primary care. During the open house, staff will be on hand to demonstrate telemedicine technology, which will allow patients to receive certain services without leaving their community.

In addition to the LPG clinic, residents will have access to a state-of-the-art Healthy Life Center. Located in Babcock Ranch’s town center, the 26,000-square-foot Healthy Life Center offers an array of health and wellness services including a gym, swimming pool, basketball court and various classes and seminars on nutrition and exercise. Lee Health also offers rehabilitation services at the center.

To learn more about the Healthy Life Center and LPG Clinic at Babcock Ranch, please visit:

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