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6 Sep, 2017

Chevrolet Bolt EV Leads All in August Plug-in Electrified Car Sales

Just in time for Chevrolet’s announcement that it’s available nationwide, the Bolt EV has finished a sales month ahead of every other plug-in electrified vehicle sold in the U.S.

At least, it probably did assuming Tesla Model S sales estimated just 7 units less than the Bolt’s 2,107 August sales is accurate.

Chevrolet’s all-electric front-wheel-driver otherwise did well compared to 1,820 Toyota Prius Prime sales, 1,700 Model X sales, and 1,445 units of its gas-electric sibling, the Chevy Volt.

One might expect this result from the Bolt and even more, given its on-paper credentials are what they are. Last month Consumer Reports – which has more-often under-rated cars’ mpg and range potential in its tougher-than-EPA tests – said it’s good for an honest-to-goodness 250 miles range, and the five-seater after $7,500 federal tax credit can be had for under $30,000.

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