Boost Your Exercise Routine! Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Let’s be honest: Some days you just don’t feel like exercising. Whether you run, cycle or walk, sometimes you’re just not motivated to get out there. You have all kinds of excuses: It’s hot, it’s raining or I have too much work to do are just some of them. Even professional athletes hit slumps. That’s […]

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Walking to Improve Health

With more than 50 miles of trails, Babcock Ranch offers plenty of opportunities for walkers. In fact, developer Kitson & Partners developed Babcock Ranch to promote pedestrian instead of vehicular traffic. The town’s streets fanning out from the downtown area called Founders Square are specifically designed to encourage residents to leave their cars parked and […]

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Things to Do in Southwest Florida

Southwest Florida’s climate is so temperate you might wonder why people stay cooped up inside. We’ll admit summers can be hot, but cool mornings and evenings are perfect times to get outside. Dawn and dusk offer gentle breezes that remind you that nature is spectacular in Southwest Florida. From baseball spring training to new restaurants […]

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The Perfect Day at Babcock Ranch

Your opinion of a perfect day may be different from someone else’s, but at Babcock Ranch there’ll be plenty of opportunities for such days. That’s because the new town has been designed to help you create perfect days, whether you enjoy reading a good book in the shade, watching your children play, sharing a coffee […]

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Babcock Ranch Lights Up the Holidays

Here at Babcock Ranch, we recently held our first annual Holiday Event. Choirs, Santa, Clydesdales, a bake sale, and more awaited community members and future residents of Babcock Ranch. “In a scene reminiscent of classic greeting cards by Currier & Ives, Santa Claus rode into Founder’s Square last weekend to ring in the very first […]

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Top Five Things to Look for on a Nature Hike in Florida

Hiking in Florida is unlike anywhere else in North America. That’s because Florida’s tropical climate creates an environment that’s ideal for the state’s unique flora and fauna. From reptiles to birds and plants, visitors are often amazed by the biodiversity they witness on nature hikes in Florida. Here are the top five things to look […]

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babcock ranch history

An Overview of the History of Babcock Ranch

When you move to Babcock Ranch, imagine what life was like as a ranch hand there. That’s because Babcock Ranch was once Crescent B Ranch. There was cattle ranching, tree farming, rock mining, vegetable growing, alligator farming and even experimental ostrich breeding. Imagine cowmen rounding up free-range cattle over a territory that covered 91,000 acres. […]

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Biking for Beginners

Babcock Ranch will have 50 miles of paths for residents to use and biking will be one of the preferred modes of transportation. But if you haven’t ridden a bike for a few years or if you’re a beginner, you might be overwhelmed by the new choices in bikes and gear. Fortunately, there are lots […]

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Founders Fest Thank You

Founder’s Festival Weekend: Thank You!

A crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 attended the first public event held at Babcock Ranch on March 11 and March 12. To all our followers and those that attended the event: we thank you! Crowds far-exceeded what our event organizers predicted and we will do our best to learn from that experience to address future […]

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Founder's Square

Rich Visitor Experience at Babcock Ranch

Even though it is literally just beginning to come out of the ground, a visit to Babcock Ranch, is seemingly equal parts a trip into a bygone era and a trip into the future.  As visitors turn east off 31 and approach the new town’s signature entry bridge, they are treated to views of a […]

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Hiking Tips from the Pros

At Babcock Ranch, hiking enthusiasts will have 50 miles of trails to explore, a distance roughly equal to the drive from Fort Myers to Naples. The idea is in keeping with master developer Kitson & Partners’ vision that residents should have access to nature from any Babcock Ranch neighborhood via an interconnected system of trails. […]

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Babcock Ranch's First Home Sale

Welcome to the Neighborhood! Meet our First Babcock Ranch Residents

We are so excited to welcome our very first homeowners at Babcock Ranch! Richard and Robin Kinley of Acworth, Georgia signed Babcock Ranch’s first sales contract with builder, Homes by Towne on January 19. The Draw of a Town that Runs on Solar The Kinley’s interest in Babcock Ranch dates all the way back to […]

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Happy Halloween from Babcock Ranch!

Who doesn’t love the fall? From the cooler weather (as cool as Florida gets) to the impending holiday season, fall is a special time of year that should be celebrated! With Halloween just around the corner, we created a Babcock Ranch pumpkin carving template for a fun activity with your family and friends! Download our […]

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Keeping it Simple: Announcing the New & Improved Babcock Ranch Website!

At Babcock, we’re all about fast Internet and slow food. We want our town to be one that is reminiscent of the good old days. 4th of July parades, neighbors and cookouts, and overall, just a simple lifestyle – these are the things we want the future residents of Babcock Ranch to enjoy. We’re making […]

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