The Town Makers

Preservation & Development Hand In Hand

Envisioned by Chairman & CEO Syd Kitson, Babcock Ranch is being created by Kitson & Partners, a private real estate investment and development company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. With a 24-year track record and long-term institutional capital, Kitson & Partners’ operational expertise and financial strength are unparalleled in the Florida real estate development business.

Kitson & Partners believes that life is too short and the earth is too precious for mediocrity, that people and nature are inseparable, that the world is changing fast and in need of bold new ideas. Sustainability matters and is vital in preserving our world for future generations. It takes a strong team and innovative partnerships to rise to these challenges. Kitson & Partners brings every facet of its development expertise to the creation of Babcock Ranch, led by a team of extraordinary Town Makers.