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About Babcock Ranch

Welcome to Babcock Ranch, Florida

Babcock Ranch is an innovative new town that sets a whole new standard for sustainable, responsible growth.

Located in Southwest Florida just north of Fort Myers, Babcock Ranch combines the best of America’s great hometown traditions with all the conveniences of today and tomorrow. From the largest solar-plus-storage system operating in the U.S. today, the expansive public green spaces and trails to the gigabyte of fiber-optic connectivity standard to every home and free wi-fi everywhere you may roam, it’s a place where families can benefit from the most advanced technologies, then walk out their doors to reconnect with nature and neighbors

Babcock Ranch will ultimately include 19,500 homes and six million square feet of commercial space.

Babcock Ranch at Night
5,493 more trees will be planted
90% of Babcock Ranch land will be preserved

A Sustainable City for All

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Babcock Ranch. From the building materials we use to the energy source that powers us and everything else in between, we’re minimizing our environmental footprint.
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Where You Grow Up is a Pretty Big Deal

Your room. Your house. Your street. The place you learned to ride your bike. The place you learned to throw. The place you learned to climb and drive and be a good friend. The place that molds you is the place that stays with you your whole life. That’s why we created Babcock Ranch – to make not just life easier than ever before. So that if you ever do leave this town, this town will never leave you.

Child in boots playing in water

The Babcock Ranch Foundation

The Babcock Ranch Foundation is a Florida, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with the mission to support, enhance, and implement projects that positively impact many worthy causes in Southwest Florida. Passionate about the issues that most affect children, current and future Foundation projects will build on the rich heritage and abundant opportunities in the areas of health and wellness, technology, energy and the environment to connect resources with those in our region who need them the most.

Babcock Ranch Foundation

Fiber Internet in Every Home

Syd Kitson discusses technology and innovation at Babcock Ranch.

The Essence of Town

Learn about the meaning of town at Babcock Ranch.

Solar Powering Every Residence

Gary Nelson speaks about the innovations involved in bringing Babcock Ranch to life.